Interior Painting


Painting the interior of your home or business requires a lot of attention to detail. You don’t want any paint out of place or any damage to your furniture. That’s why we train our painters to treat every home like it was their own. This ensures that our team is very respectful and careful with your items and home. 


A good interior painting job starts with proper preparation. That’s why we start every job with a thorough inspection. After moving your furniture and protecting any of your possessions with plastic tarps, we check for holes, scratches, and cracks in your walls and drywall. If your walls have any damage, we will start by repairing the drywall. After the drywall has been repaired, we fill and sand any small scratches or cracks to ensure an even coat of paint and a beautiful finish. 

After checking for wall damage, we check your windows and doors. If there are any cracks in the seals around your windows or doors, we will reseal them for a finished look that will protect your home. 

After the preparation is complete, we will begin painting your walls and trim. The best paint jobs always require more than one coat, so we will work in stages to ensure that your project is complete as quickly and efficiently as possible while still producing the best result. 

After the paint has dried, we will touch up and last spots before removing the plastic and cleaning up from the project. We will label and leave any leftover paint with you for any touchups down the road. 


  • Custom wall design painting
  • Nursery painting
  • Hallway painting
  • Kitchen painting
  • Bathroom Painting
  • Interior trim painting
  • Interior door painting
  • Ceiling painting